About Us

The Martial Codex

Precision instruction paired with revolutionary motion-capture to honor and preserve rooted Martial Arts. Advance Your Practice. In history, the codex marked a transition from scrolls to books. It represented a great leap forward in the way we share knowledge through the generations.

In the same spirit, the Martial Codex Project was formed to break free of the limitations of traditional media. Arts that wish to share with the world deserve a clear lens. This library will grow into the future, exploring the wonderful variety of Arts throughout the world.

The Martial Arts are a gift; spreading a culture of mastery fueled by a cycle of servant leadership.

Great branches continue to this day because of a long tradition of deep practice. Each master inherits a mission to strengthen and spread the flame of their art --regardless of recognition or reward.

The breathtaking brilliance of mastery is a result of decades of focus. The performer is lost in pure motion, and each observer is carried with them.

This project is dedicated to spreading such thought provoking arts into the future.

Why Motion Capture?

Motion capture allows raw motion that isn’t obscured by a thick uniform. Slight shifting in the hips or the slight turn of an elbow are not lost.

Masters are able to perform at speeds that engage their principles of motion because of high speed capture, with no fear of losing fine detail.

Viewing techniques in a 3D environment allows for powerful camera angles that give a sense of space.

Masters can perform in a peaceful environment without the hassle of spotlights, makeup, or uniform adjustments for appearances. A technique never has to be thrown out because a strange facial expression was made, or a kiai didn’t sound right.

The School Life Cycle

This project asserts that students of the Arts are best cultivated in a live school environment. Students can purchase reference lessons as they rank up with no significant impact to their ability to pay school dues.

The Martial Codex exists to act as a supplement to --rather than a replacement for --the natural life cycle of schools:

Income is dedicated to recording new arts, ongoing development of the viewer, and in general support of the arts.


New students of the Arts are best served in a school that fits their growth goals, philosophy, and stylistic leanings. Newcomers should have enough exposure to be able to spot masters who pour life into their students and practice.

This site offers free weekly content so the public can learn more about the variety of martial arts and to encourage seeking out a great school.


For students and instructors alike, memorizing fine details of hundreds of techniques can be daunting. The Martial Codex acts as a rapid reference for review at home.

Used in school, these references can act as a reminder of sequence so the lead instructor can focus on refining the students' movements.


It is difficult for geographically wide systems to keep a solid flow of information from the senior masters to local instructors. Instructors typically get less than a month of live time with their headquarters school each year.

This project acts as a communication tool, so each new iteration of a curriculum can be shared through regional schools efficiently.


While it is the sincere hope of the Martial Codex that all arts thrive into future generations, it acts as a tool for preservation should a tradition come to an end.

This project has dedicated a portion of revenue toward archiving systems at risk of fading on a non-profit basis.


The Martial Codex Publishing Team works with participating masters to identify and achieve the message they wish to share.

Entertainment is not the purpose of this project, but a moderately fast pace is encouraged to demonstrate a technique’s motion, flow, and timings.

Recording a curriculum is a monumental task, and requires a wide variety of talents spread among a dedicated team within the presenting art. Being part of this project requires an attitude of respectful coexistence with other arts.

Contact publish@MartialCodex.com if you want to share your Art with the world and would like to be considered for publishing.